Search Engine Optimization

search engine marketingSEO is the path to better rankings. Plain and simple.

• Market Analysis – Determination of marketing goals, priority products/services and target audience.

• Online PR Analysis – Analysis of existing program, including unique website content and presence (or lack of), corporate blog, articles, guides, white papers and news releases.

• Links Analysis – Analysis of existing number of incoming links, reciprocal links, and paid links across all major search engines (what works, what doesn’t).

• Competitor Analysis – Examination of competitor’s online PR initiatives and expertise, as well as incoming links and total link popularity number across major search engines (includes sampling of articles, news releases, compelling content, links, etc.).

• Web Analytics – Analysis of web analytics referring site data (i.e. number of websites providing traffic and total visitors they generate).

• Keyword Identification – Collaboration with client to determine mission-critical keywords to include in Online PR initiatives.

• Description Recommendations – Recommendation of effective links descriptions supported by strategic keywords.

• Paid Links Budget – Define preliminary paid links budget; some websites include an annual fee.

• Goals and Objectives – Establish program goals and objectives based on client, competitor and additional industry research (includes target number of referring website visitors, timeline and suggested Drive program level).